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  • Reminders for the Year Ahead

    Do not let life and time just pass you by. Asking for help does not make you weak. Life will not always seem bad. Not everyone needs to know what is going on in your life. It is okay to let people go. Putting yourself first is not always selfish. You matter!

  • To the person who has no Valentine

    So, you aren’t in a relationship and you aren’t dating anyone… that is okay! All you need for Valentine’s day is someone to love: why can’t that be you? It makes sense to get to know and love yourself before being with another person, right?  You should be in a committed, long-term relationship with yourself, […]

  • We need to talk…

    ‘You asked for it’. ‘You sure you didn’t lead him on?’ ‘You shouldn’t have been drinking anyway’. ‘Well you didn’t say no so…’ All too often, we see that statements and questions like these are thrown around and said, but let me ask you a question instead: if someone close to you was raped, perhaps […]

  • Friends who don’t Support You

    We all go through moments with different friends, when we can’t understand why they don’t support our various endeavours. I’m here to tell you that just because you have a passion or two, doesn’t mean that others will feel passionate about it for you. Sometimes, others are envious or annoyed that your dreams are so […]

  • Control Your Inner Demons

    Controlling your inner demons is not about being the bigger person… It is about not giving into another person’s foolishness. The inner demons are the anger and rage that we sometimes allow to manifest or take over within ourselves. They are the internal thoughts and parts of ourselves that come out in various negative ways. […]

  • Change your Actions

    Why do people’s comments not matter when they say positive things about us? But when people say negative things about us, those are the statements we keep in our minds? You don’t have to accept their hateful words or manipulation. If someone in your life allows their insecurities to control their actions, you don’t have […]

  • A message from your ‘strong friends’

    Life is full of challenges and we all have our own issues and situations to deal with.  Everyone has their own coping mechanisms and that should always be respected and accepted. I am used to being there for other people and honestly, I like it.  I am glad that I can help you and others […]

  • To the person who always plays the victim,

    You are someone who always gets the short end of the stick right? Why does everyone always try to hurt you? You deserve much better than what people give you. You always do so much for others. All people do is disrespect you, when you show them nothing but love, kindness and loyalty… Believe me, […]

  • Re-evaluating Friendships

    I have always been someone who likes to be busy, whether that involves going to work, studying or other activities and my friends know this.  So, they understand that I am not always available to talk, but they know that when they need me, I will always be there for them.  I have a lot […]

  • Is part-time adulting a thing?

    This blog post is me sharing my very real experience of what adulting has been like for me.  Our families, teachers and most of society tell us that university/college prepares us for ‘the real world’.  Sure, in some ways it does and there are experiences I went through during my time in university that taught […]