Category: mental health

  • To be okay or not?

    Be mindful of how you treat others because the same way not everyone will know what you are experiencing is the same way you will not know everything that others are going through. We all experience highs and lows in life. With this, we need to accept that everyone’s highs and lows will are different, […]

  • One Step at a Time

    If anyone ever tells you they are certain about how their life will turn out, do not believe them. Most of us struggle deciding what to wear every day, what to watch, what to eat, and the list goes on. So, how can we be sure about what we are going to do with the […]

  • You are Strong!

  • To the person who feels stuck,

    Life can feel so repetitive. Wake up. Get ready for work. Do what you have to. Go home. Go to sleep. Hit repeat. Sometimes you feel okay, because you have your set routine and you know what you’re doing. Everything may seem fine to others, but deep down you may not feel alright. You’re tired […]

  • You’re Okay

  • Dear 2020,

    We rang you in like any other year. We had our resolutions written down, we had our best outfits on, fireworks were going off; we had all the right ingredients to welcome you. We were eager, anxious, but we were ready for all the greatness the start of a new decade could bring. Sadly, none […]

  • To the person who feels like giving up

    Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how hard you try, you can’t catch a break. You try to have a positive mindset, you try your hardest to not let one bad thing ruin your entire day, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Maybe it feels […]

  • One day…

    One day you are going to meet someone who wants to invest their time in you. One day you are going to meet someone who is afraid to live in a world without you. One day you are going to meet someone who is not put off by your flaws, but they will want to […]

  • Mid-20’s Crisis

    ‘Congratulations on your engagement!’ ‘Wow, I can’t believe they’re pregnant. I’m so happy for them.’ ‘Wait what?! They got married?’ ‘When are you going to settle down?’ ‘When do you plan on moving out?’ This a representation of life in your mid-20’s. Society expects us to have our lives figured out. Everyone thinks we should […]

  • You Are Enough

    I may not know you personally, or maybe I do. All I know is that I am here to assure you of these things… You are strong! You are courageous! You are beautiful inside and out! (Do not let ANYONE tell you anything different) You are growing! You are learning! You are inspirational! You are […]