Become aware of the things you will and will not accept, not only from others but from yourself.

Overcome the challenges you face, so you can start believing that you deserve the things you want in life.

Unpack the reasons why you think you are not entitled to more than the bare minimum.

Not all great things in this life are meant for you, but that doesn’t mean all great things will pass you by.

Do not let others make you feel weak for setting boundaries. It takes courage and strength to tell and show others what you will and will not tolerate.

Accept that not everyone will meet your expectations or standards, but know that does not mean you have to alter or lower yours for them.

Realise that people are not mind readers. Realise that if you do not make your boundaries clear to others, you are the one who will be allowing them to disrespect them.

Introduce your boundaries as early as possible in your relationships.

Experiences in life will help you determine what healthy and unhealthy boundaries you have for yourself. Experiences will also teach you have to respect other people’s boundaries.

Stand firm in your standards. They reflect who you truly are.

4 responses to “Boundaries”

  1. Boundaries are SO important! Knowing yours is key to having healthy relationships and taking care of yourself. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!


  2. Boundaries are so important, and because I was such a people pleaser for so long, I struggled with implementing them. It is an ongoing process for me, and I am learning to stand firm without feeling guilt. Excellent post.


  3. Boundaries are so important and everyone should speak their own truths about their boundaries. This will help ourselves and ultimately all of our relationships.


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