To the person who feels stuck,

Life can feel so repetitive. Wake up. Get ready for work. Do what you have to. Go home. Go to sleep. Hit repeat.

Sometimes you feel okay, because you have your set routine and you know what you’re doing. Everything may seem fine to others, but deep down you may not feel alright.

You’re tired of your routine. You’re tired of going through the motions. You want change. You want something new. You want to feel excited about a new adventure. You want more.

For every action, there is a reaction. I won’t go down the path of saying what you should do for you to start seeing change in your life. The actions you need to take may be completely different to what myself or others need to do. However, I can say that even making the smallest of changes will make a difference. Whether it’s changing the time you wake up; changing your route to work; listening to a new playlist or podcast; even eating something different for lunch. There are so many little changes you are capable of making. Taking the first steps towards change can be hard, but you need to believe in yourself and do it.

Feeling stuck in a routine you are unhappy with is awful. You may even be trying to find ways to make significant changes in your life, but you keep being pushed back and met with resistance. Honestly, it can make you feel extremely hopeless and like you are not good enough. But you cannot allow yourself to believe that. Maybe the opportunities you have pursued just aren’t right for you, or the timing isn’t right. I wish I had the answers you want, but sadly I don’t. What I can tell you is that you can use this extended period of time in your current routine to become a better version of yourself.

Envision exactly what you want your new routine to consist of and start working towards that, from this very moment. Every little thing you do will have a ripple effect in your life. Make changes now so you can be better prepared for when the waves of new experiences come and you can ride them to success. Have faith and do not give up on yourself. Be your own biggest cheerleader and surround yourself with people to complete your squad. You are not alone with what you are feeling. So, make sure you have people you can reach out to and confide in. Maybe that can be a part of your new routine too.

Remember every set of 24 hours allows for new opportunities and experiences, no matter how big or small.

⁃ From Someone Who Cares

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