Beat the pandemic!

Here are a list of 8 things you should do during this time vs. things you shouldn’t do!

(Of course, I can’t force you to do anything. Just know that your decisions don’t only affect you.)

What To Do vs What Not To Do

Stay indoors – unless it is essentialLeave your house unnecessarily
Try new home workouts or go out for some exercise Lounge around the house all day, every day. (No walking to the fridge doesn’t count as exercise
If you want to keep up with the news, keep up Continuously watch the news and read about the virus
Create a daily routine & stick to it – include waking up at a certain time
– exercise
– doing some form of work or chores
Stay up late every night & sleep through the day
Start a new hobby – it can literally be anythingLet time go to waste
Do the things you have been putting offBecome defeated & unmotivated
Maintain your sense of normality
– by this I mean, as much as possible do things you were doing before the pandemic (where possible)
Allow yourself to believe that you can’t find ways to occupy your time
Talk to friends & family – this could be a good time to engage with people you haven’t spoken to in a whileShut yourself off from the rest of the world

As much as possible, try to stay positive.

If you find yourself struggling, reach out to someone and talk. Most of us are at home.

So, in reality most people will be looking forward to any form of contact they receive.

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