Make your Dreams your Reality

We all have thoughts that manifest into ideas, then goals and sometimes they become our dreams.  For some reason, once our thoughts become our dreams, we view them as unattainable.  They appear to be so grand and amazing that they cannot be achieved by us.  Is the issue that our dreams are impossible to reach? Or is the issue that our own self doubt and fear make us to afraid to even try?

Arguably, we generate our own thoughts and ideas, however, aren’t they all influenced by something we have heard or seen?  Take phones for example, look at how they have evolved over the years.  Even though Apple appeared to have monopolised the market over the last decade, that did not stop other companies from releasing their own products and advancing their technologies.  Look at how many makeup brands there are and how more continue to be made.  Just because there are thousands of makeup brands already in existence, does not mean others cannot or should not produce their own make up products. 

The thing that makes products and dreams unique are the people behind them.  You had your dream for a reason.  You are the only person standing in your way.  Sure, there will be obstacles you have to overcome, but there will not be anything you cannot handle.  Your journey will not be easy, but you are a human being having these dreams, so, logic would suggest that it is humanly possible to achieve it.  Of course, not everyone will support your dreams, but they do not have to support it… you do! You cannot expect your loved ones to support you, if you do not support yourself.  You must believe in yourself before others can believe in you.

Never give up on a dream, because it seems impossible, or because it has already been done.  That idea is false.  Your dream has never been fulfilled before, because it has never been achieved by you.

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