Control Your Inner Demons

Controlling your inner demons is not about being the bigger person… It is about not giving into another person’s foolishness.

The inner demons are the anger and rage that we sometimes allow to manifest or take over within ourselves. They are the internal thoughts and parts of ourselves that come out in various negative ways. For example, someone tells you that you are stupid, and you respond with the rudest comment you can think of. You need to learn how to control your inner demons and not let them out.

As I like to say, when someone “tries” you, you cannot stoop to their level. The most important thing is that you know the truth. Yes, I know it is hard to think about that or even seems irrelevant when other people are choosing to listen to the lies individuals feed them. Trust me, I have been there and completely understand how infuriating it is. What I will propose to you is this: what do you want to do? Yell at the person? Do you plan to gossip about them and add more fuel to the fire? Are you going to physically fight them?

I wish I could tell you that people get better with age, but I would be lying. Age does not play a factor when it comes to people gossiping, spreading rumours and lies or causing problems for others. Some people thrive on bringing others down and you cannot change that.  However, you can control what you next say or do.

People are entitled to feel any emotions they want, but we shouldn’t let them affect our emotions and actions. Don’t let others make you do or say things that are not in your nature. Don’t let them make you act out of character. Occasionally, we all give into our inner demons and do and say things we shouldn’t, but we need to ensure we don’t repeat our poor behaviour. Even if, the response you give to a situation leaves you feeling immediate satisfaction, it doesn’t mean it was right thing to do.

In an argument or conversation, you can get your point across without being rude or disrespectful and if that is too challenging, stop your inner demons coming out by removing yourself from the situation. It is better to hang up the phone on someone, ignore messages or walk away from them than saying something you will later regret. Yes, it is hard to do, but it is possible. You won’t lose anything by gaining control of your inner demons. In fact, it will be a blessing to you and those around you. Don’t give people the opportunity to use your words or actions against you. Insulting someone doesn’t stop them from talking about you again, in fact you may be adding more fuel to the fire.

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