Change your Actions

Why do people’s comments not matter when they say positive things about us? But when people say negative things about us, those are the statements we keep in our minds?

You don’t have to accept their hateful words or manipulation. If someone in your life allows their insecurities to control their actions, you don’t have to do the same. They decide to dangle your own insecurities in front of you, for what? To taunt you, give them power and control over you? This behaviour is not and will never be okay.

When will you walk away? Sure, you know you have some great memories with the individual, but when things are bad, they are terrible aren’t they? Life can be tough, and you will have disagreements with people and have bad days, but they should never come close to the good.

You think it is all your fault: perhaps you should have listened the first time, you should know what provokes them, you know they get angry when you do or say certain things. Here is the reality: none of it is your fault.

We all make choices, every moment of every day. Each of your actions attracts a reaction, and only the other person determines their reaction. Sure, you can argue that your action limits their actions, but ultimately, they choose what their response is.

Everyone has different ways of thinking, personalities and mindsets. As much as you see the good and potential in them to improve, you cannot force someone to change. The individual must want to change for themselves.

You now have another choice to make today: do nothing or change your course of action.

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