To the person who always plays the victim,

You are someone who always gets the short end of the stick right? Why does everyone always try to hurt you? You deserve much better than what people give you. You always do so much for others. All people do is disrespect you, when you show them nothing but love, kindness and loyalty… Believe me, I do feel sorry for you, but not because you are ‘hurt’. I feel sorry for you because you believe that you are so incredibly perfect that you can do no wrong. There is a difference between (sometimes) feeling sorry for yourself and claiming you are always the victim.

Think what you want, but unless you are Jesus, you will never be perfect. Let’s break down the idea of you always being the victim, because there are so many problems with this mindset.

  1. Why do you want to be known as other people’s victim? Are you blind to certain behaviours until it is too late? I would think that at some point you would get tired of people using you, or whatever the case may be. You need to figure out why people find it so easy to take advantage of you.
  2. Genuine victims try to avoid using that label or being associated with it in any way, but your behaviour reflects the opposite of that. For you to be playing the persona of ‘woe is me’, makes me believe that you crave attention. Here is another question I have for you; don’t you think there are better ways to receive attention?
  3. Playing the victim gets old and the people around you will reach a breaking point. People are not as stupid as you may think they are. Whatever façade you are attempting to portray will be seen through and it will be the cause of you losing great people from your life. Sure, you can believe they were not meant to be in your life anymore. However, they chose to separate themselves from you, not the other way around. Luckily for them, they realised they do not need to keep fake individuals in their life. (Sorry, not sorry.)
  4. How do you expect to have a successful and relatively happy life if you do not believe you are ever in the wrong? Meaning you cannot learn from your mistakes to progress and grow.

If you genuinely believe everyone else is always the problem, you need a reality check. Look at it this way: if gossip and drama always seem to involve you, do you not think you are part of the problem? If you do not want to have a drama filled life, you would find a way to escape it.

Life is a complex thing, but one of the simplest things you can do to make life better for yourself is to reflect on your actions. If you do this successfully, you can remove yourself from negative situations and think about them from other perspectives. The purpose of doing that is to evaluate situations, see what actions you could have done differently and improve yourself as a human being. You will realise you can change your thought process, mindset and future actions.

You do not have to agree with what I have written, but I bet you will think about it.

From someone who cares

5 responses to “To the person who always plays the victim,”

  1. A very close family member always plays the victim and it is so frustrating to me! Drama always circulates her. Thank you for some questions I can ask her!


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