To the person who overthinks everything,

If you are like me, you always try to mentally prepare yourself for the worst, in any situation.  You convince yourself that if you are prepared for the worst, you won’t be as hurt because you will be ready.  But we both know that a single thought does not stop you from feeling pain.  No one can predict the future and whether things are good or bad, nothing ever really goes according to plan.  So, why do we keep thinking that we can control situations by premeditating our every move?

Are you ready to start being honest with yourself? Perhaps the reason you try to prepare yourself for the worst is not because you are pessimistic, but because you are so used to people letting you down time and time again.  Living in the moment can be terrifying and intimidating, but that is the reality of life.

 As sad as it may seem, you cannot truly determine anything that will occur.  You might be able to ask, ‘what if?’ or identify potential chain reactions, but you can never be 100% sure.  For example, you can decide which route you are going to take to work (either by car or public transport) and how long it should take you, but what if there is an accident, did you plan time for that? Did you calculate time for putting petrol/gas in your car? Did you calculate time for buying coffee? If you do all these things, yes ideally you should get to work on time, but there are cons to your method too.  How much earlier did you have to wake up to factor in all those extra things?  Do you go to bed earlier every night because of it?  Are you more irritable from lack of sleep?  Are you allowing yourself to perform well every day?  So, is all the overthinking worth it?  Probably not all the time.

When I try to prepare for the worst, I really do overthink every minute detail of a potential situation.  When the time comes, and the outcome is an option I had never even thought of.  My plan b always has a plan b, but when none of my ideas happen, I have to decide whether it is a good or bad thing.  What I have learnt (over time) from all these moments is that the best thing always happens.  No matter what situation(s) we attempt to prepare ourselves for, ultimately, everything that happens in our lives makes us who we are.  Sure, you can choose to allow the negative things to weigh you down and stop you from living the rest of your life, but why not choose to grow from those situations, take them as life lessons and allow them to make you stronger?

Everyone overthinks from time to time and I’m not saying you should never be prepared for the worst, BUT do not let your idea of the worst that could happen, stop you believing in the best things.  You cannot be naively optimistic your whole life, nor can you be disastrously pessimistic.  However, you can become a genuine realist who experiences the happy medium.  A change in your mindset is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.  So, why not give it a try?

From Someone Who Cares

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